EcoRhythm® Mattress

INTRODUCING EcoRhythm®  Biorytmic™ Sleep

EcoRhythm® 331 Biorytmic™ Sleep

5-ZONE Ecoolatex®


Dedicated firmness for

specific parts of the body.

Precision support for head,

shoulder and lumbar zone

to relieve pressure points.


5 Key Advantages

of Ecoolatex®


1.Latex is non-toxic,

hypoallergenic, inherently

antibacterial, mold and

mildew resistant, dust mite

resistant and super



2. Super adaptive to body

weight, able to conform to

your body and contour perfectly.


3. Reduce the intrusion of

electromagnetic field for a

mindful night's sleep.


4. Active support with

high elasticity resulting

in a mattress that's springy

and bounces back to its

original shape.


5. Offering us an ideal

solution for sensitive

sleepers including people

with allergies and asthma.



To meet the criteria for the

Chiropractic seal of approval,

mattresses must conform to a

number of strict standards for

back and spinal health.

Biorytmic™ SLEEP COVER

The formulation of minerals

specially applied onto Biorytmic

Sleep mattress ticking

disperse vibrational energy

that activate the

meridians of the body

through impulses for a

better sleep environment

conducive to improved

intra-body communication.

By helping to relieve

stress while you sleep

and regulating the

body’s natural biorhythm,

the brand new Biorytmic

Sleep mattress ticking

technology improves

helps relaxation and


EcoRhythm® 253 Biorytmic™ Sleep

EcoRhythm® 381 Biorytmic™ Sleep

Life-changing sleep built into every game-changing layer

Pure comfort starts with pure materials

Healthy sleep built into every layer